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Pet Parlor Pet Grooming

For Your Pets Saftey and Ours!


  • The Prices online are listed for pets 0-15 lbs. Your Package price will be adjusted upon check-in if needed.
  • Your price may vary with your pet's weight, fleas, matting/knots, behavior, and add-on services.



  • Expect 1-3 hours per service per dog. We will text you when your pet is ready!  
  • Groomers will contact you when your pet is ready by text message.
  • Your pet will be boarded ($30) if you fail to pick up your pet by the time groomers are finished with all grooms for the day.  Please make note of any accommodations you may need upon either booking appointment or when you drop off your pet. Groomers do work by appointment only. 


Pet Safety and Groomers Safety

  •  Groomers do have the right to refuse services in order to prevent injury to both the pets and/or themselves.  If you know your pet may have anxiety, stress, or aggression we do recommend you see your personal vet for a pet sedative.
  • We do reserve the right to muzzle or noose your pet to prevent them from harming themselves or the groomers.
  • All Pets must be kenneled during their stay.
  • All pets must be current and up to date on state-required shots.


No Show Policy

There will be a $15 charge added to your next service for any no-shows. This can be prevented by contacting us to cancel any time before your appointment time.  We do our part by sending both reminder emails and texts to help.  


Pet Release Form 

Upon check-in, all clients will have to sign a pet release form.  We have not had any major incidents happen at our facility, however, we still want you to be aware of the risk involved in the process of pet grooming.  First, Pet Parlor always considers what is best for your pet. Second, we want you to be as comfortable as possible leaving your pet in our care.  A copy of the form can be downloaded here. 



We are a Flea-Free Environment


In order to protect both your pet(s) and our facility, if your pet has a flea(s), we will flea dip them at your expense.  

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